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Being Independent PAYS!



1. What is

iapploud is a digital music store with a built-in intelligent marketing engine, helping independent artists market, sell and build a relevant fan base on a single platform. iapploud also rewards music enthusiasts/fans for promoting and buying music on the platform. At iapploud, everybody wins!

2. What are some of the benefits of

  • Upload upto 12 tracks for an annual subscription of $25
  • Receive 85% of sales from music downloads and 80% from licensing deals
  • Iapploud’s built in marketing engine increases the visibility of your music among the right audiences, who will promote and buy your music. You can now devote more time in the studio rather than chasing “likes” and “follows”.
  • Zero membership fees. Free signup.
  • Lucrative rewards for promoting and buying music you love
  • Get your own profile page where you can discover awesome music and keep track of your favourite artists and bands.
  • Buy music direct from your favorite artists/bands at affordable prices
  • Access our revolutionary music discovery engine that serves you the best music from around the world

3. (Artists/Fans) Do I need to fill in all the details during the login?

The choice is yours. Details you provide about yourself and your music preferences help us recommend music more precisely. Make sure to integrate your social media accounts to maximize your rewards.

4. (Artists/Fans) What kind of music is on iapploud?

iapploud is a global platform. We support Independent artists of all genres and languages.

5. (Artists/Fans) Is the music that we sell legal?

Yes. We license the music from the artists directly and share our revenues with them at the terms agreed upon by them.

6. (Artists/Fans) Is the music owned by iapploud?

No, Artists own the rights to their music. We provide them a platform to market and sell their music.

7. (Artists) When and how do I get paid?

Artists make 85% off of their download sales. We pay out end of every quarter. If you earned as little as $0.01 you will still get paid! Artists will need a PayPal account in order to sell MP3s and receive payments. Artists do not need Premier or Business PayPal accounts to sell their products since all money transactions will go through iapploud’s account in order to ensure fairness and timeliness

8. (Artists) How do I start uploading songs for sale?

  1. Make sure you have logged into your iapploud Account
  2. Once logged in, click on "Upload Music" from the navigation area
  3. Follow specified steps for payment; once payment is done, you can start uploading your tracks If you have any problems with this process, please contact with your questions.

9. (Artists) What format of music is required?

Mp3 files of 320 kbps work best.

10. (Artists) Is there an approval process for every track submitted?

YES. iapploud experts review every track submitted to ensure that we are providing fans with the best music catalogue to choose from. Once your track is uploaded it will go through a review process. You will receive a notification once your track is approved.

11. (Artists) How long does the approval process take?

Review and approval takes between 10-14 days from the date of upload.

12. (Artists/Fans) When do I get the music I paid for?

Instantly. The music that you buy is available in the purchased music tab. You can download any purchased song/album upto 4 times.

13. (Artists/Fans)Is there any FREE Music on iapploud?

NO. iapploud is a music store and all tracks are for sale only. HOWEVER, as part of promotions, some music may be made available for FREE at the discretion as agreed by platform and the artist

14. (Artists/Fans) Can I play this music on my media player?

Yes! All downloaded music on iapploud is DRM-free and is compatible with most media players.

15. (Artists/Fans) Why can't I hear the whole song when I'm browsing?

We offer a small preview of any track being sold for profit. Once downloaded, a fan can listen to the complete track.